Amstel Ladder Back Solid Oak Dining Chair

Product Code: AMS-DLBCTS067

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Traditional, rustic, and industrial aesthetics

The Amstel ladder back solid oak dining chair is made from solid american white oak. It's timeless appeal and versitility alows it to be easily incorporate into various home designs. The natural warmth of solid oak makes the Amstel range and elegant addition to any dining room.

--Key Features--

- Crafted from luxurious White Oak
- Durable polished finish
- Timeless ladderback design
- Comes fully assembled
- H stretcher legs for added strength and stability
- Built to last many happy years in your home.

Product Code: AMS-DLBCTS067

Overall Dimensions:

Back support height: 1080 mm
Seat height: 480 mm
Seat width: 580 mm
Seat depth: 460 mm

Shipping Volume: 0.26 m3



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