Bedroom Furniture

195 products

    195 products

    At Mainland Furniture, we have a wide selection of bedroom furniture inorder to suit your needs. We price our bedroom pieces at a competitive rate which ensures that our customers are getting the best bargain. Not only this, our offering is extensive. Ranging from larger items such as beds, tallboys, lowboys, dressers and wardrobes, to smaller items such as bedside tables, night stands, blanket boxes and mirrors. 

    Our pieces of bedroom furniture are made from solid wood such as New Zealand Pine and American oak. We have made an emphasis to source from suppliers that predominantly utilise solid wood and only small proportions of cheaper alternatives such as MDF. What this means for you is that you’ll be receiving sturdy pieces of furniture for your bedroom that will be sure to last a lifetime, whilst paying a very competitive price.  

    If you're looking for a more rustic and industrial look, be sure to check out our Vancouver range. By contrast, if a dash of white is what you’re seeking, be sure to check out our Alton and Felixstowe ranges which echoes a farmhouse-esque look.

    Moreover, we also offer the option to buy multiple items at once to furnish your dream bedroom. Our bedroom combos compile together bedroom furniture from our most popular collections such as Felixstowe, Vancouver, and Montreal. You’ll be sure to love our extensive selection on offer. We ‘guarantee’ that your favourite decor pieces such as lamps, picture frames, books will look great on our bedroom furniture. 

    Can’t find something that meets your tastes? We’d love to hear from you. At Mainland Furniture, we’re always looking to garner feedback from our customers in order to adapt and improve our ranges of furniture.