Premium Pillow Top Pocket Spring Mattress

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A great nights sleep starts with a great mattress

If you've had your mattress for 8 years or more then it really is time to look at replacing it. Springs sag, foam gets thin and unsupportive, and it can negatively impact your sleep. We've just secured a deal with a major international manufacturer to bring you these high quality mattresses at a fraction of what they'd cost with a 'brand name' attached.

This is our most luxurious mattress, with a double thickness pillow top and a supportive medium firmness pocket spring core that superbly supports your body and prevents partner disturbance and roll-together. The extra thick pillow top conforms to your body and almost hugs you to sleep. This combination makes for a great balance of comfort and support and helps you get a comfortable, restful sleep.

To help sweeten the deal, If you get your mattress and decide upon opening that it's not going to be right for you, you can return it for up to a full refund, minus the cost of the return freight (conditions apply).

--Key Features--

*Queen size pictured for indicative purposes. Actual mattress may vary in size and shape but not features*

  • Comfortable, soft, and breathable knitted outer fabric
  • 351 mm thick including padding
  • Pocket spring system which enables individual springs to contour support to suit your body and with no partner disturbance
  • Dual zone spring system. Firm outer springs prevent you rolling too close to the edge
  • Extra thick pillow top design, creating a luxurious, cushioning layer above the spring core to give a great feeling of softness and support
  • Comes vacuum packed and boxed for easy transport

Overall Dimensions:

  Queen King
Width (mm) 1530 1670
Length (mm) 2030 2030
Thickness (mm) 351 351



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