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Firm Pocket Spring Mattress

  • $699

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A great nights sleep starts with a great mattress

If you've had your mattress for 8 years or more then it really is time to look at replacing it. Springs sag, foam gets thin and unsupportive, and it can negatively impact your sleep. We've just secured a deal with a major international manufacturer to bring you these high quality mattresses at a fraction of what they'd cost with a 'brand name' attached.

These pocket sprung mattresses have a double layer spring system, with a firm main layer and a thin cushioning spring layer on top. The pocket spring system hugely reduces partner disturbance and the upper layers conform to your body. This combination makes for a great balance of comfort and support and helps you get a comfortable, restful sleep.;

To help sweeten the deal, If you get your mattress and decide upon opening that it's not going to be right for you, you can return it for up to a full refund, minus the cost of the return freight (conditions apply).

--Key Features--

*Queen size pictured for indicative purposes. Actual mattress may vary in size and shape but not features*

 Comfortable, soft, and breathable knitted outer fabric

  • 220 mm thick including padding
  • Pocket spring system which enables individual springs to contour support to suit your body and with no partner disturbance
  • Firm spring system
  • Euro top design, creating a thick, cushioning layer above the coils to give a great feeling of softness
  • Comes vacuum packed and boxed for easy transport

Extremely easy to get home

These mattresses come in a handy wheeled box that makes them a brease to get home and maneuver them into your room ready for unpacking.

How do they get a whole mattress in there?

If, like many others, you find yourself asking that question then we've found a short video below that demonstrates a process very similar to how ours are packed.

Overall Dimensions:

  King Single Queen
Width (mm) 1070 1530
Length (mm) 2030 2030
Thickness (mm) 295 295

Shipping Volume: 0.15 m3

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