Why You Need A Sideboard!

Jul 30, 2022

Moving into your new home and purchasing furniture for the first time can be a daunting experience. Because while some items such as bed frames and dining tables may be self-explanatory for their use, other items such as sideboards need a bit more of a sales pitch. As such, this blog post should cover some of the main reasons you need a sideboard in your home.

Small Sideboard - Mainland Furniture NZ

Extra Storage!

This one is obvious, but most people underestimate how important it can be! Sideboards offer a lot of extra storage, it’s kinda their whole deal. Why this is important, however, is they can offer this storage while being in the main room and looking good doing so. Whether you’re filling them with board games in the living room, dinnerware in the dining room, or even just miscellaneous items in the spare room, a good sideboard should effectively create a massive home for a large number of items.

An Additional Surface!

Alongside being another place for storing items, a sideboard is another place for displaying items. Sideboards in general are great areas for hosting a variety of items on top, whether it’s family photos and decorations, or maybe you keep the top of your sideboard clear until dinner time, where you can then host a variety of drinks and snacks on the sideboard while keeping the main meal on the dining table. A good sideboard should essentially act as the inanimate waiter for a room.

Large Sideboard - Mainland Furniture NZ

A Different Type of TV Unit

Combining the last two points into this one, a sideboard can also act as a great home for a TV unit if the circumstances are correct. Whether it’s a TV on a wall, or the secondary TV that doesn’t get all the fancy devices, a sideboard can act as a great alternative to a TV unit due to its spacious top surface while also providing plenty of storage for other purposes. Most people use TVs now in a way that doesn’t require many large additional devices such as DVD players or Skyboxes, so a sideboard is a good way for making a shared home for a TV, especially if you’re limited on space and would rather a home for more useful items rather than just entertainment boxes.

A No Commitment Feature Wall!

Fancy Sideboard - Mainland Furniture Christchurch

We’ve all seen them, feature walls with striking bold colours that immediately give a room a certain personality. They give your home the extra flair to truly showcase your taste, but they’re also a pretty daunting choice. What if you stop liking the colour red in 5 years? What if the giant elephant mural just ends up looking tacky instead of spiritual? That’s where a sideboard comes in. Sideboards come in many shapes and sizes and thus there is most likely one that fits your styling choice, as such, you can use the sideboard as a ‘proof-of-concept’ before you fully commit to the look. Whether it’s 70’s chic, traditional and rustic or sleek and modern, there’s a sideboard to fit the style.

One for Every Need!

Furthermore from the above point, sideboards come in a variety of shapes and sizes so there’s ought to be one to fit within any space in your home! Whether you want a pine unit with lots of drawers or a small oak cabinet for a handful of plates and bowls, there’ll be a sideboard to fit your needs. 


Now that we should have successfully sold you on to why you need a sideboard, it’s now up to you to figure out what you need the sideboard for! Is it the trusty dining room, dinnerware servant? Is it the feature piece holding all your favourite knick-knacks and memorabilia? Or maybe it’s just a giant space for all the board games, old technology devices and old VHS tapes you’re too scared to throw out “just in case…” Whatever your need for it may be, there should be a sideboard to fit it!


Where Can I Purchase a Sideboard?

If you’re within New Zealand and interested in purchasing a sideboard then great news! You can purchase a sideboard from us! All our sideboards are made from hard-wearing New Zealand Pine and Oak meaning they’re designed to last decades! If you’re reading from outside of New Zealand however, we would then recommend purchasing from a business similar to us, a business that sells quality furniture, made from real wood at reasonable prices! Other big box retailers may charge you a pretty penny for a unit made from cheap material that will only last a handful of years. So feel free to use us as a baseline for your purchasing standards.

How Can I Tell A Good Sideboard from a Bad One?

Put simply: build quality! Is the sideboard made from real wood such as pine and oak, or is it made from MDF? Does the back of the unit feature tongue-and-groove back panelling or is it just a thin sheet of plywood? For the most part, any furniture made from good quality materials will be made with proper wood-crafting techniques to make the unit last. 

Additional features to keep an eye out for are ways for the cupboard doors to lock into place and internal shelving that’s easily removable. These are great features to take note of as one ensures that the cupboard doors should never open unexpectedly once the hinges get a bit worn, while the latter is more a quality of life feature to ensure that you can place whatever you want inside, no matter the size.

I Want Something to Better Display What’s Inside my Sideboard!

We get it, your prized prize collection deserves a full, front and centre display in your living room and the opaque drawers and doors of a sideboard are just not going to cut it. In this situation, we would then offer a variety of different options to fit these needs. We discuss these options in the following blog post with a variety of choices at a range of price points.

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