Why you need a new TV stand!

Jun 4, 2022

TV Unit - Mainland Furniture

So the time has come, you’ve upgraded from that old clunker of a TV unit to a new, sleek screen that’s going to be described with a number preceding a K. But before you sit down to watch the latest Netflix binge, take a look at your current setup. That old TV unit won’t do, it might fit the TV but it might not fit the needs of the TV. We’re going to go through a handful of reasons why you should upgrade your TV stand when you purchase a new TV!

Viewing Angles

TV stands are generally made for the era of TVs they were made in, so if you had a CRT before then that new TV will definitely not fit on that small square of space. However, if you’re coming from a more modern TV, then the stand might just fit on that platform but there is a catch. 

Obviously, TVs from the late 00s and early 10’s were just starting to become HD, as such they would try to keep screen sizes small to maintain a good picture quality. However, as screen fidelity has increased, so has screen size with modern screens reaching triple digits in size! 

What this means is that while your TV unit may be able to hold your new screen, the viewing angles may be all off with the center of the screen being above your relaxed viewing angle. Hence why we would recommend getting a new stand that’s better suited for the viewing angles of your new larger screen!

Device management

TV Stand - Mainland Furniture

It used to be back in the day, that to watch a movie on your TV you’d need the following: A TV, A VCR Player and the remotes for both devices. Thus, TV units would provide large caverns for the VCR to be placed within, alongside extra shelving to hold a handful of favourite movies. TVs themselves were large enough to act as shelves, with plenty of people putting their old NES’ and Ataris on top of the TV for that cartridge loading action.

But nowadays, our ways of consuming media are very different. Smart TVs and streaming devices mean that you have access to a variety of services that give you enough movies to watch across multiple lifespans all while being controlled by one remote or even your smartphone. Meanwhile, gaming devices are switching to digital storefronts harder than ever, meaning that the era of physical media is coming to a close as streams and downloads takeover.

What this means for your TV unit is its priorities are far different from how they were. TV units are now more low-profile with more spaces to hide the rat's nests of cables protruding from the back. They’ll also have more space on the top of the unit for not only your TV but additional accessories such as soundbars and extra controllers for your gaming devices. As such, when upgrading your TV and TV Unit, consider doing an audit on the devices connected to it, because when was the last time you actually used that dusty VCR player?

A New Look

Take a look at that new TV you just bought, look at its thin and sleek design with a screen that goes to the very edge of the border. Now, look at your old TV unit: the glass, magnetic-locking doors, silver trim that screams “I’m futuristic from the y2k era”, and an all-encompassing frame style because who would need a TV larger than 24 inches? Yeah, we’re gonna need a new look.

Modern TV units are far more accommodating to the looks of new TVs. With neutral looks such as black or natural wood, alongside smaller cavities for your devices to fill the slot rather than sit within, and gone are the slightly tinted glass doors in favour of far more opaque doors made from the same material as the unit to properly hide whatever mess lays behind them.

Do you even need a TV stand?

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While this might seem a bit counter-intuitive the point remains, with the way modern TVs are heading, does your new TV have to be on a stand? If you’re just using your TV to watch Netflix and that’s it, then a TV stand might not be your best solution!

Consider what you’re going to use your TV for and what you need for it. Most people are content with just the TV and a soundbar and that’s it. TV’s have most commonly used apps built in such as Netflix and Youtube, while the soundbar is to increase the volume to your setup and can really be put on anything with a flat surface.

So rather than looking for a TV stand, consider alternative solutions such as a wall mount for your TV and a hallway table or buffet underneath. It might make your set-up more inviting and clear some floor space for storage of other items, such as dinnerware or board games.


While it might be inviting to just toss that old TV and cabinet first consider the other opportunities it could be used for. Think of other rooms in the house that could benefit from having a TV there such as the kitchen or guest room. If you upgrade both the TV and TV unit, that means that a different room can now host the old TV setup!

Even if there’s no room in your house for the old setup, it’s far easier to offload a TV and TV unit to someone else, especially when they are paired with each other. Search on Facebook Marketplace and other second-hand storefronts and you’ll see plenty of TVs selling for good money. The phrase always has been “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” so take advantage of giving someone a complete setup for a deal!


Now that you’ve chosen a new TV unit for your setup you can now kick up your feet and watch that Netflix series you plan on binging! Get your snacks, get the TV settings just right and relax as you now no longer have to worry about your TV and TV unit getting along like tuna and jam. Your TV and TV unit should work together synonymously, and not have one be held back by the other!


Where Do I Buy a TV stand from?

If you’re reading this article from within New Zealand then great news, we provide an excellent range of TV units in a variety of styles for a great price!

However, if you’re not a fan of our styles or live outside of New Zealand, we’d recommend going to a dedicated furniture store or at least someone who sells high-quality furniture!

What Material Should I Buy for my TV Unit?

When it comes to purchasing a TV unit, we would recommend a natural material such as oak or pine. This is due to their high build quality and great looks alongside the fact they don’t attract dust. A black glass TV unit may look good now but give it a week and you’ll find it caked in a fluffy coat of dust.

If there’s one material we would recommend avoiding at all costs it’s MDF. This type of furniture is available from most big-box retailers and is made from a hardened mix of wood shavings. As such, MDF furniture breaks down quickly and is often unrepairable. We’ve already written a blog discussing the negative impacts this type of furniture has on the environment and why it’s a bad investment in general.

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