How to Keep Warm in Bed This Winter!

May 1, 2022

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As the sunsets sooner and the windows cover up with condensation, nothing beats hopping into a nice warm bed after a long day in the bitter winter. Sometimes however, the bed won’t hit the spot as frozen sheets and frosty pillows can quickly turn a comfy sleep into an icy nightmare! In this blog post we’re going to cover the main ways you can turn your bed into the cozy cot you won’t want to leave in the morning.

Warm the rest of your home first!

While this guide is made to tell you how to warm your bed specifically, the bed is only a small part of your house. If your whole house is feeling like the interior of a fridge, it definitely will pay to properly warm and insulate your home in the winter. This guide from the New Zealand government discusses how to insulate and warm your home in a way that will save you power by using more “passive” and long-lasting solutions.

Remember, a warm home is a healthy home, and a healthy home is a happy home. Cold and damp homes can bring in a variety of illnesses and promote mold growth which spirals into its own variety of effects on your health. So warm your house before you warm your bed, and hopefully you’ll need to spend less time in your bed sick!

Layers upon Layers!

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While it may be appealing to get the biggest and thickest blanket you can find to drape your bed with, getting three sheets that are equal to one thick blanket may prove to be a better heating alternative. This is due to the layers trapping air and in turn producing heat. Layers are also better as if you get too hot you can easily remove a layer or two to reduce the heat while removing a single large blanket also removes the single source of heat for the bed!

Adding a mattress protector can also help add a bit of heat to your sheets, especially if your mattress isn’t providing enough warmth from underneath.

Tuck in Your Sheets!

On the topic of layers, tucking your sheets can quickly toast up your bed with minimal effort. Conversely, leaving your sheets open to the forces of the elements can quickly add a chill into your sleep that you may not want.

If you sleep on a box bed frame or a similarly “open-ended” style bed frame, tucking your sheets in may be easier said than done especially if you have a heavy duvet. The best way to ensure your sheets stay tucked in then is to purchase a bed with a footboard of an appropriate height, this gives you a bigger anchor point to tuck your sheets into while also minimizing the ways a heavy duvet can slip off your bed.

Try Different Sheets!

While it may look luxurious to have shiny sheets covering your bed, if they aren’t retaining heat then it might be time to look elsewhere. Flannel sheets are readily available from a variety of retailers and are excellent at providing warmth for your bed. Also, a new duvet made from natural materials, such as wool or feathers, can provide excellent heat while also providing excellent material breathability so you can keep warm without breaking out into a sweat.

A Warm Drink to Warm Up!

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While this final tip might seem a little obvious, the right type of warm drink can not only help increase your body temperature but also assist in making sure you get to sleep easier! A good Chamomile, Peppermint, or Valerian Root Tea 30 minutes before sleep can quickly reduce stress and increase your quality of sleep! Even a quick mix of magnesium and hot water can help relax the muscles and send you to sleep dozy and comfortable.


Hopefully, by the end of this guide you should be warm and cozy in bed! Bundle up in those layers and relax. Enjoy your warm drink of choice as you enjoy doing a bit of reading (or one last episode, we won’t judge) and get ready for a great night’s sleep! (or just a day lazing in bed!! Again, we won’t judge.)


Does My Bed Setup Affect My Sleeping Temperature?

In short, Yes! But the reasons and effects of it can vary wildly from setup to setup. However, if you’re sleeping on a mattress on a wooden, or even worse, concrete floor, then your bed is going to be extremely chilly. This is due to the fact that heat rises, so the air on the floor is cooler than the air higher up, alongside the poor heat retention of surfaces such as polished wood and concrete. In this instance, purchasing a bed frame can improve the warmth of your bed drastically!

Are electric blankets worth it? And are they dangerous?

If you can afford it, electric blankets are excellent for warming a bed when used correctly. Ideally, an electric blanket should be turned on 30 or so minutes before bed and turned off once you get into bed. However, the warmth and timing is an art that you need to find out as it’s to personal preference. Obviously, electric blankets cost a lot, not only for the initial buy but also due to their use of power. Hence, if you turn them on when you know you’re going to bed very soon, you’ll minimize the amount of power used to properly warm your bed.

When it comes to the dangers of electric blankets, they should be treated the same way you would an electric heater: don’t leave it on overnight and don’t leave it on when you aren’t there to check on it. If the cords are damaged or frayed, then don’t use it at all and place it into your nearest appropriate bin.

Does my mattress affect my bed temperature?

Normally, a mattress makes the bed warmer and is generally not the issue in a cold bed. However, an older mattress can cause issues due to it not breathing properly due to old springs. This means that in your efforts to warm your bed you may accidentally create an overheating nightmare as your bed will trap too much heat and struggle to breathe it back out. As such, if you find yourself sweltering hot in the middle of winter with even the thinnest of blankets to cover, a new mattress will obviously lead to better sleep year-round.

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