King Size Firm Pocket Spring Mattress

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Get a great nights sleep with our top quality mattresses

Thanks to some direct communication with large brand name manufacturers, we are able to bring you these increadibly comfortable and convenient mattresses at unbelievable prices.

Each of these mattresses is made with a high quality pocket spring system that helps prevent roll together and avoid partner disturbance.

--Key Features--

Extra Firm Pocket Spring King Mattress

  • Knitted fabric, comfortable and soft, breathable.
  • Thick foam padding for great comfort
  • 210mm thick including padding
  • Pocket spring system which enables individual springs to contour support to suit your body and no partner disturbance
  • High strength spring system with Z clips provides a very supportive firm feel
  • Hard spring system

Overall Dimensions:

Width: 2030 mm
Depth: 1670 mm
Height: 210 mm



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